Cybersec Watch Report : Janvier 2018

Co-écrit par Florian Boudot et Charles Le Reun, avec la participation de Tristan Bertin. Quand on parle « attaque informatique » en ce moment, on pense tout de suite aux ransomwares comme WannaCry, Locky… mais malheureusement les dernières vulnérabilités révélées laissent présager des attaques encore plus dangereuses. Dans ce Cybersec Watch report, nous allons revenir sur deux… Lire la suite

CyberSec Watch Report – July 2017

Co-written by Florian Boudot and Charles Le Reun. Hello and welcome to the first issue of the monthly cybersec watch report! You will find every month the main hot subjects and some insights of what is happening in the cyber world! This issue will focus on three topics: data breach, connected cars and ransomware. Good reading!

IT Security approach: Compliance vs. Risk

co-écrit par Margot The goal of these few lines is to share some simple thoughts on how to handle IT Security practices and to compare two approaches: the Compliance and the Risk approaches. Since many years IT security has been mostly handled through compliance checklists, based on market IT security standards (ex. ISO 27002, COBIT, NIST), specific IT general controls (ITGC), domain specific best practices or regulations (ex…. Lire la suite